Planning Commission Revisits Marihuana Provisioning Center on Haslett Road

Planning Commission Revisits Marihuana Provisioning Center on Haslett Road

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the January 27th Meridian Township Planning Commission Meeting, Commissioners revisited a request from Haslett Gallery, Inc. for establishing a 1,510 square foot commercial medical marihuana provisioning center in an existing shopping center located at 2119 Haslett Road.

Members last discussed the use of this provisioning center at their last regular meeting on Monday, January 13th.

The location of the medical marihuana provisioning center meets required setbacks from locations such as public or private K-12 schools, preschools, child care centers, libraries as well as churches and other places of worship or any other religious facilities. Additionally, it will not impact adjacent land uses and the safety and well-being of the community.

Due to these conditions, most members voted to move forward with this request and send it to the Township Board for final approval.

However, Commissioner Holly Cordill presented concerns over the location of this provisioning center.

"I feel that it could be detrimental to the economic welfare of the surrounding properties," said Cordill. "Especially that of the Karate studio, and realizing that either way I vote with regards to the straw poll last time it wouldn't make a difference, but since that decision rests with the Board, I think they should look at that closely. It is an activity that involves children."

Commissioner Jerry Richards agreed with Commissioner Cordill's concerns.

Members then voted 6-2 to approve this request. The Township Board will be discussing this request for final approval at a future meeting.

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