Township Board Discusses Donation of Sander Farm Natural Area

Township Board Discusses Donation of Sander Farm Natural Area

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - For over 25 years, Meridian Township residents have been able to utilize a 31.9 acre natural area, located on Dobie Road.

This area would not have existed had it not been for the generous donation of Dr. Maureen Sander, whose involvement with the Township has allowed residents more opportunities to enjoy public spaces.

Dr. Sander passed away in 2019 and left this space for Township residents to enjoy in perpetuity.

The decision to approve the Sander Farm Preserved Natural area was an important topic discussed during the January 21st Township Board Meeting.

Meridian Township Parks and Recreation Director LuAnn Maisner spoke about park trails existing in the natural area, and Board members including Township Treasurer Phil Deschaine fully supported it.

"This is a great park, I have walked many days in the Summer," said Treasurer Deschaine. "And it is, as Trustee Opsommer pointed out, buds to Shaker Heights, Tacoma Hills and Forest Hills and Cornell Woods. So it really is in a prime location for a walking park."

Treasurer Deschaine also asked Director Maisner for permission to replace existing signage around the area with a memorial to Dr. Sander.

Township Supervisor Ronald J. Styka has been a Meridian Township resident since 1978, and spoke about how residents living near this area have been very eager to utilize this space for recreational activities.

"I had friends that lived in Tacoma Hills and their houses were fairly new and backed up to this area and they always anticipated that someday that land would end up being developed as an extension of that neighborhood."

"We're always pleased that it just kind of hung in there with their kids being able to play in it, you know, hunt for little, wild things and that kind of thing. It's really a wonderful, wonderful situation that first that became formalized as part of our park system was a natural park area and now it's going to remain so, so I am really happy about that."

Board Members approved this area unanimously.

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