Planning Commission Discusses Apartment Building To Bring Residents Together

Planning Commission Discusses Apartment Building To Bring Residents Together

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the January 13th Meridian Township Planning Commission meeting, members discussed constructing a 146,743 square foot independent senior building at 1673 Haslett Road.

Many members supported the construction of this senior building as it will help generate a larger senior population.

“I like the opportunity because some of them are kind of pushed aside and not really integrated in the community,” said Commissioner Cordill.

Commissioner Premoe also supported the construction of this building.

“I think we’re also talking about a population that are, in fact, consumers. And if you introduce that much population into an area, I think businesses are going to be attracted for the potential of their consumption.”

While most members voted in favor of the construction of this project, members expressed concerns over parking issues and that it won’t attract any students to schools in Meridian Township.

The Planning Commission voted 6 to 2 and all agreed on additions to this project such as additional parking spaces.

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