Bullying: How Can We Stop It?

Bullying: How Can We Stop It?

LANSING, MI - Bullying is any physical, verbal, sexual, or emotional harm targeted towards a person or group of people of any age.

It can occur in neighborhoods, playgrounds, schools and technology.

Every October, schools and organizations nationwide come together to raise awareness for National Bullying Prevention Month.

STOMP Out Bullying is a campaign designed to encourage schools, communities and organizations to come together to stop bullying and cyber-bullying and put an end to hatred and racism.

Each week, STOMP Out Bullying has a theme designed to stand up to bullying and how to support one another.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer also signed a proclamation recently declaring October as Bullying Prevention Month.

"As a mom of kids in public schools, I want to make sure that every student is protected from the harmful effects of bullying," said Governor Whitmer. "For too long, Michigan kids have faced bullying both in school and online. No student should be afraid to go to school because they're afraid of being bullied for who they are. This month, I ask that all of us collectively raise awareness around the harmful effects of bullying and encourage our kids and our peers to foster a more open, accepting environment in our schools and around the state."

During her time in the Michigan Senate, Governor Whitmer fought back and won when legislators tried to pass a law that would allow bullying if they had a “religious or moral” reason for doing so. Because of her work on the issue, the legislature passed Matt’s Safe School Law, which has helped protect Michigan kids in every community from bullying.

Michigan is still among the worst in the nation when it comes to bullying. Nearly one in every four Michigan high school students report being bullied at school, and nearly one in five report online bullying.

Each year, schools and organizations look forward to increasing awareness and getting more people involved in taking a step closer to ending bullying.

Additional Resources

For more information about bullying prevention visit www.stompoutbullying.org


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