Fireworks Rule Changes in Meridian Township and State of Michigan

Fireworks Rule Changes in Meridian Township and State of Michigan

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - While Meridian Township ordinance allows residents to celebrate the upcoming holidays with the discharge of fireworks, safety is always the most important factor.

Meridian Township Community Planning and Development Director, Mark Kieselbach presented an amendment to the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act for this upcoming firework season.

A more comprehensive approach has been developed and is ready for execution should the Board agree to the request. Kieselbach stated that there will be a "change in the hours and the days that commercial fireworks can be discharged: it's been reduced from approximately 30 days to 12 days." He went on to give more detail and specific dates for firework discharging: December 31 - January 1, Saturday and Sunday immediately proceeding Memorial Day, June 29-July 4, July 5 if it's a Friday or Saturday, and Saturday and Sunday immediately proceeding Labor Day would be the time for discharge of consumer fireworks.

In addition, the new ordinance includes additional information about igniting these commercial fireworks when they're on private property, school property, or church property. Discharging/use of commercial fireworks when under the influence has been added. Additional language regarding discharging fireworks after or before the designated days/times and a procedure to follow in order to gain approval outside of those days/times as well as when conditions are appropriate to discharge (too windy, too dry, etc.) have all been added. Penalties have also increased: up to a $1000 civil fine.

Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus stated at the meeting's close that the request has been "extensively discussed and [we] are amending our conditions to comply with state statutes and also trying to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our residents."

All Board members approved the Final Adoption of the the proposed amendment to Chapter 26, Article I, Fireworks of the Meridian Township Code of Ordinances in compliance with Michigan Fireworks Safety Act as amended

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