Joint Meeting Held for Medical Marihuana

Joint Meeting Held for Medical Marihuana

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Board hosted the Planning Commission at their Tuesday evening Special Joint Meeting.

The two groups got together to hold an open discussion about implementing a plan to add medical marihuana related businesses to Meridian Township.

Both groups are on board with medical marihuana grows, sales, transportation and processing/manufacturing but were slowed down by zoning issues.

"I think we had a good back and forth," said Treasurer Phil Deschaine. "One thing they clarified for our thinking is we did want the grow facilities only in industrial areas. They asked that the processors only be in grow areas as well. I thought we had already achieved that in our previous ordinance, we'll make sure now that both the grows and the processors, the two types of facilities that could produce odor which could be a nuisance are only allowed in industrial zones."

Another topic brought forth was about where final approval for Special Use Permits (SUP's) should come from.

Though the Planning Commission handles SUP's, those permits pertaining to medical marihuana businesses will now ultimately be reviewed by the Township Board before being approved or sent back.

Planning Commission Chair John Scott-Craig was pleased with the results from the first joint medical marihuana special meeting.

"Some of the suggestions we made may or may not be adopted by the Township Board. One that we made about the Special Use Permit process, they did agree that they thought that was a good idea. That the board should have the final say in this. So that was I think progress and was a very important point for the Planning Commission. Overall I think it was a successful meeting."

Both groups hope to finalize the medical marihuana zoning and non-zoning ordinances by the beginning of summer.

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