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Environmental Commission Announces Proposals For Green Infrastructure Grant

Meridian Township’s Environmental Commission discussed the ongoing process of distributing green inf...[More]

Proposals for Police Reform in Michigan Announced Last Week

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel came out with seven proposals regarding police reform last wee...[More]

Zoning Board of Appeals Rejects Two Proposals

On Wednesday evening the Zoning Board of Appeals turned down two separate applications requesting va...[More]

Wolf Hunt Proposals on the November Ballot

On the November 4th General Election ballot, voters will have the choice of allowing a potential wol...[More]

Meridian Township Residents Vote on Local School Proposals

Township residents came out to vote Nov. 5 in regards to the Okemos Public Schools Tax Bond Proposal...[More]

Public Art Proposals Requested for Roundabout

Township Officials are requesting proposals for a piece of public art to be displayed in Downtown Ok...[More]

Ballot Meridian Township Proposals

Check out what the current proposals Meridian Township residents will be able to vote for come elect...[More]

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