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Magic Johnson Speaks in Lansing About Voting

Earvin 'Magic' Johnson participated in a rally thrown by the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaign at...[More]

Magic Happening in New Breslin Center Renovations

It may not look like it from all of the cranes, trucks and orange cones but there has been some "Mag...[More]

Come Experience the Magic of the Nokomis Learning Center

The Nokomis Learning Center has reopened and is dedicated to presenting and preserving the culture o...[More]

Magic Johnson Raises One Million Dollars for Lansing Promise

Magic Johnson was in back town to give back to the schools that helped raise him. A fundraising...[More]

A Magical Tale with an Acrobatic Twist

A young college graduate seeks to make his life extraordinary in order to find his "Corner in the Sk...[More]

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