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Attempted Armed Robbery At Kroger in Meridian Township

Meridian Township Police responded to an attempted armed robbery in a Kroger parking lot on April 8,...[More]

New Kroger Gas Station

Thanks to the new Kroger gas station, Meridian shoppers can now fill their trunks and their tanks. T...[More]

The Construction of the Kroger Gas Station in Meridian Township Has Begun

If you often shop at Kroger in Meridian Township, you've probably noticed that they've started const...[More]

Kroger Gas Station Construction Expected to Begin this Summer

The Okemos Kroger located at 4884 Marsh Road will have a new gas station by spring 2016. Ground is e...[More]

Planning Commission Allows for Kroger Gas Station

On April 27th, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to allow for a special permit to put a gas ...[More]

Public Hearing Held Before Planning Commission on New Gas Station at Kroger

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on April 13th regarding a proposed gas station for the...[More]

Kroger Requests to Build a Gas Station in Meridian

Meridian Township's Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on a gas station proposal from Kr...[More]

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