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LIVE Call-In Program: No-Fault Auto Insurance Reform

Join us for a new episode of Open Line all about Michigan's No-Fault Auto Insurance Law as well as t...[More]

FEMA Requires Insurance for Homes on Floodplains

You may not know it, but if you live by the Red Cedar River or Lake Lansing, your house may be sitti...[More]

Abortion Insurance Bill Passes Into Law Even Without Governor Rick Snyder's Approval

Abortion Insurance, also known as "Rape Insurance" which has been nicknamed from opposers of this bi...[More]

An Increase in Insurance Claims

The recent winter storms have led to an increase in insurance claims. With all of the snow, ice, and...[More]

Car Insurance Rates

Snyder's auto insurance reform may save you money. Watch Meridian Magazine for details. ...[More]

Michigan Hot-Bed for Auto Insurance Fraud

Michigan motorists are paying more for auto insurance every year--about 100 dollars more--thanks to ...[More]

Struggling Farmers and Crop Insurance

Insurance agencies are profiting from the dry temperatures this year. Find out why Monday night on ...[More]

MSU Mandates Health Insurance

MSU is the first university in the state to mandate health insurance for all incoming students....[More]

Michigan Kids Health Insurance

Looking for a way to ensure your children's safety? Check out this story on HOMTV's Meridian Magazin...[More]

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