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Michigan Indoor Dining Resumes Across the State with New Guidelines

On Monday, restaurants across the state of Michigan were allowed to reopen for indoor dining once ag...[More]

Indoor Dining to Officially Resume with Precautions

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer confirmed that indoor dining at restaurants and bars can resume on Feb. 1 with...[More]

New Executive Order Requiring Mask Use in All Indoor and Crowded Outdoor Spaces

On July 10, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive order that requires masks to be worn in all in...[More]

Federal Judge Says Indoor Gyms Can Reopen June 25

A Federal Judge in Grand Rapids has issued a preliminary injunction allowing indoor gyms in Michigan...[More]

Michigan State Tennis Wraps Up Fall Season at Big Ten Indoor Championships

Michigan State University hosts the 2017 Big Ten Men's Indoor Tennis Championships from October 27-3...[More]

When Thunder Roars, Get Indoors

Thunderstorm season is upon us and with thunderstorms comes the threat of lightning. Lightning ...[More]

Proposed Bill Could Ban Minors From Indoor Tanning

Proposed House Bill Number 5276 would change the rules for underage tanning....[More]

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