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MDHHS Updates COVID-19 Guidelines to Reflect Post Surge, Recovery Phase

The state of Michigan has officially entered a post surge, recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. ...[More]

MDHHS Updates Quarantine Guidelines to Follow CDC Recommendations

On December 27, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a statement shortening the recommende...[More]

Michigan Indoor Dining Resumes Across the State with New Guidelines

On Monday, restaurants across the state of Michigan were allowed to reopen for indoor dining once ag...[More]

Winter Snow Removal Guidelines & Responsibilities

The snow is quite beautiful as it falls from the sky, however residents from Meridian Township must...[More]

MDHHS Sets Guidelines for Trick-or-Treating During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Just like the rest of 2020, Halloween will look a little bit different this year with the COVID-19 p...[More]

Changes to FOIA Guidelines and Procedures

The Township Board passed the updated Freedom of Information Act guidelines at their meeting on June...[More]

Fall Leaf Removal Guidelines

The multicolored leaves over houses in Meridian Township look beautiful in the fall. When they final...[More]

Guidelines for a Warm and Safe Bonfire

Bonfire pits are a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh autumn air. All anyone needs to mak...[More]

New Michigan Guidelines for Reduced and Free Lunches

The Michigan Department of Education recently announced new household income guidelines that will be...[More]

Political Sign Guidelines

With the August Primary Election around the corner, we are beginning to see more and more political ...[More]

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