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Rental Homeowners Association Attempts to Change Inspection System

The Rental Homeowners Association of Mid-Michigan sent a memo to the Township Board during their las...[More]

Sewer System Is More Than Just Flushing The Toilet

The study on the State Revolving Fund Draft Project mentioned at the last township board meeting is ...[More]

Byrne JAG Grant will be Used to Purchase New School Security System

The Meridian Township and East Lansing Police departments received a grant to improve school securit...[More]

Mutual Alarm System Agreement

On Tuesday, October 1st, the Township Board voted 7-0 to pass the Michigan Mutual Aid Box Alarm Syst...[More]

Granicus System Upgrade

On Saturday, June 22nd between midnight and 3:00 a.m. our live streaming and video on demand service...[More]

New Bike Sharing System in the Works

A bike share could soon be in place in Ingham County. A bike share is a transportation system in whi...[More]

Rainwater System

Ever wondered how you can conserve water in your own backyard? A community garden shows you how. Wat...[More]

Emergency Alert System Nationwide Test

The test, which is meant only to be a system live test, will be very different from the ones citizen...[More]

Mt. Hope Pathway System

The Township discussed a possible pathway on Mt. Hope Rd. between Okemos and Maumee roads to help m...[More]

Township Inter-Urban Pathway System

All you need to know about Meridian Township's Inter-Urban Pathway System. Watch Meridian Magazine t...[More]

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