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Keeping The Water System Clean

Daily activities can have a big impact on the water system, especially in the summer. Many peopl...[More]

Construction on the Smith Drain System is Now Underway

Construction crews have been hard at work on laying down new piping on Jolly Road just west of the O...[More]

Three Cost-Free Fixes Recommended to Improve Redi-Ride System in Meridian

"We need rides now, not in 2019," said a Meridian Township resident in regards to the CATA Redi-Ride...[More]

MSU Announces New Alert System

For Michigan State University students, a new additional system has been put into place in order to ...[More]

Firearms In The School System

In any school system, it is essential that the safety of students is maintained at all times. With t...[More]

Nearly 300 Children in Michigan's Foster Care System Without Families

They say for an adoptive parent that the child doesn't grow in the mother's womb, but rather in her ...[More]

Maintain the Septic System and Protect Your Home

If you see sewage and soap suds are ruining the carpet and furniture in your basement, and foul smel...[More]

Online Playback System Facing Technical Difficulties

We are currently facing some issues with our video encoder which allows for online playback of our p...[More]

SAW Grant Brings Improvements to Meridian Township Sewer Systems

After applying for the SAW grant two years ago, Meridian Township was granted more than $2 million d...[More]

Meridian Township Police Encourages Residents to Sign Up for Nixle; MSU Upgrades Alert System

With text messages, email, and social media, police have faster ways to notify you of a potential em...[More]

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