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November 3rd

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Meridian Township to Hold School Election November 5th

Meridian Township will hold an election on Tuesday, November 5, 2013 for the Okemos Public and Willi...[More]

Okemos School Bond on November Ballot

On November 5, voters in Meridian Township are going to have a chance to vote on a request by the Ok...[More]

Okemos Election Proposal for November

A new item will be on the ballot this upcoming November. At the June 10th Okemos School Board meetin...[More]

Central Fire Station on November Ballot

Watch Meridian Magazine to find out the latest on the Central Fire station on the November ballot....[More]

November 8th: Voting Day

In just a few short weeks voters will head to the polls for the General Elections. November 8, 2011...[More]

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