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BirdieBall Golf Tournament

BirdieBall action in Meridian Township is wrapping up. BirdieBall is just like golf, only the b...[More]

Get in the Game at the Okemos Golf Center

At 1410 Grand RIver Avenue, just passed what Powell Rd., the Okemos Golf Center is the place to star...[More]

Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

The helicopter has landed at Walnut Hills Golf Club. ...[More]

Glow Golf at Meridian Mall

Watch Meridian Magazine to find out what new business is in the Meridian Mall. ...[More]

Local Golf Courses Vandalized

Two local golf courses were vandalized at the end of November. Police are still investigating th...[More]

2011 GolfFest

It's that time again! 2011 Golf Fest is just around the corner! Funds and Proceeds go to Meridian Co...[More]


The charity event at Meridian Sun Golf Club on July 30th is featured in this promo....[More]

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