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Workout Class Helps Keep Seniors Fit

Up until a few years ago the local "Senior Stretch Program", now called "50 plus Exercise Program" w...[More]

More Seniors May Be Eligible for Medicaid

Seniors that may not have been able to enroll in Medicaid, may by eligible now. With the new Health ...[More]

Seniors Lead Playoff Push For Haslett

As the regular season comes to a close, boys and girls basketball teams around the area are looking ...[More]

Seniors from 50 to 99 years old are working out at Meridian Mall every week.

The 50 Plus Fitness program is held by the Parks and Recreation Department of Meridian Township sinc...[More]

Senior Living: A Program Dedicated to Seniors

This award-winning program of HOMTV informs and educates seniors about their options for health, soc...[More]

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