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Okemos Road Bridge Expected to Open Today

A local bridge in Meridian Township is expected to be back open for traffic today. According to...[More]

Okemos Bridge Repair Reopening Delayed

According to Ingham County Department Road officials, the reopening of the Okemos Road Bridge is bei...[More]

Marsh Road Bridge Update

The Marsh Road Bridge over the GTW/CN Railroad, between Franklin Street and Haslett Road in Meridia...[More]

Okemos Road Bridge Update

The Okemos Road Bridge between Hamilton Road and Mt. Hope Road in Meridian Township still under cons...[More]

Marsh Road Bridge Construction Begins

It's orange barrel season and after a long preparation, the Marsh Road bridge over the GTW/CN Railro...[More]

Okemos Road Bridge Construction Begins Today

Construction on the Okemos Road bridge over the Red Cedar River near the Mt. Hope intersection begi...[More]

Bridge Construction Projects to Begin this Month in Meridian Township

The Ingham Country Road Department (ICRD) will begin two major bridge construction projects in Merid...[More]

Okemos Road Bridge Lane Closure to Continue into 2016

Drivers may be disappointed to hear that the Okemos Road outer lane closure on the bridge over the R...[More]

Lane Closure on Okemos Road Bridge

After a recent bridge inspection of the Okemos Road bridge over the Red Cedar River between Hamilton...[More]

Marsh Road Bridge Construction

Ingham County Road Department recently announced that contract work and structural repairs will begi...[More]

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