Okemos Road Bridge Now Open

Okemos Road Bridge Now Open

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - After several weeks of construction, one lane, and various detours, the Okemos bridge is now open and back to 2 lanes.

The original project started in March of this year and the construction led to the temporary closing of the outer southbound lane. Residents of the surrounding area and drivers had to use detours to navigate around the lane closing.

Local resident Maureen McMulleen who lives just next to the bridge is overjoyed that the lanes are opened and appreciative of the work and time frame of the much needed construction repairs.

"I think it was needed, and I think that the city and the county did a very timely process, for us as residents of the area I live in, in Indian Hills," said McMulleen.

To avoid having a heavy truck traffic flow during construction, the bridge was reduced to the one lane which prevented the bridge from receiving any more distress to the deterioration of the southbound lane.

Now nearly completed, the overall final completion is expected mid to late August.

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