Concerned Residents Voice Opinions on Rezoning Over Wetlands

Concerned Residents Voice Opinions on Rezoning Over Wetlands

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On Monday, February 12th the Planning Commission met for their first meeting of the month. Some main topics the Commission discussed was a public hearing of rezoning 7.36 acres at 3760 Hulett Road from rural residential to single family-low density. As well as installing a LED changing message sign in front of the Sparrow Hospital at 2682 Grand River Avenue.

Many residents spoke in regards to the rezoning of building more homes over wetlands in their subdivision. Many residents that lived there were concerned with the fact that taking away the trees and the wetlands causes many animals' homes to be gone. Many residents are opposed to the building of houses because they enjoy the beautiful wildlife and woodlands. A concern from many residents was destroying the wildlife, and the fact that they believe 12 or more homes cannot be built within that area.

Planning Commission Chair Dante Ianni said no final decision was being made tonight and no final decision will be made until the Township Board makes one. The Commission members agreed they needed more information on the topic to make further decisions. The Commission did however take a poll to see where the majority of the members stood. Four out of the six members that were there tonight agreed that building homes over the wetlands would be something they would be in favor for.

The Commission also discussed installing a LED changing message sign at 2682 Grand River Avenue (Sparrow Urgent Care). The purpose of the sign would be to display a wait time at Sparrow Urgent Care Facility. The sign would be a clock and the message would change as the waiting time changes. The digital sign would operate from 8am to 8pm.

Planning Commission Vice Chair John Scott-Craig said, "I don't see the value in this number being out on our street. It is a distraction."

Many other Commissioners also agreed that they saw it as a safety concern and that drivers would be distracted by the LED sign when they drive by.The final decision was to oppose installing the digital message changing sign in front of of Sparrow Urgent Care due to it being a distraction to drivers.

The next Planning Commission meeting will take place on February 26, 2018 at 7pm.

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