The Future of Gymnastics

The Future of Gymnastics

LANSING - In light of recent events regarding disgraced former MSU Gymnastics and USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar, local gymnastics clubs are ready to put the athletes and their voices first.

Owner of Red Cedar Gymnastics Jamie Boyd-Hamilton still thinks that gymnastics is an outstanding way for kids to learn great life skills and stay healthy and strong.

However, moving forward, she hopes the focus for gymnastics as a whole will be strictly on the young athletes’ health and their needs instead of number of titles won and prestige.

“Everything we do is about making sure this is a great experience for every kid that comes in the door," Boyd-Hamilton said.

"If that’s not already your culture, that’s a lot to change. And that’s exactly the kind of changes that need to happen across kids sports as a whole, not just gymnastics.”

Parents are ready for those tough conversations with their children as well.

The days of taboo talk are over, and parents are ready to listen and protect their children.

"The one thing that’s the most important in all of this is it’s really raising awareness and it’s making us be more proactive in looking to the things that maybe we didn’t take seriously before.”

Nassar’s actions throughout the years have changed this community.

The safety of athletes within the gymnastics community is now top priority, and the time for a safer, more accounted for environment is now.

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