2018 Michigan Women's March

2018 Michigan Women's March

LANSING - Emily Rohrback, an attendee of the Women's March, discussed how last year's march inspired her to run for office and how important it was for her to come back this year.

"Well the Women's March was one of the first times that I had ever participated in any kind of protest and it was a really big rally and cry for me. After that march I said okay now what? And, I actually signed up and I ran for office in 2017 for my local city council."

"I worked hard and I learned the ropes and I'm gonna do it again because, I think it's so important for us to stand up and do that and that's why the march was important. That's why it was so important for me to come back this year because, it's a touch stone for me," said, Emily Rohrback.

When asked what women's issues need to be worked on in the next year James Knirs, an attendee of the event, said,"No more fighting over birth control. Birth control should be available for every woman. No more fighting over abortion and making them feel like murderers because, they're not; it is their choice."

Knirs added that, "Rape is another big issue in this country, and sexual abuse and it should be stopped."

"We're all united, we're all brothers and sisters and that's the way we're gonna see that it matters. And we have to get the mess out of the way. So we can clean it up. And I'm looking for the restoration," said, Nichole Biber, an attendee of the event.

"Too long have we gone and not had our voices be heard and, I wanna make sure that I'm an example for people in my community, my daughter and, everybody around us that women need to stand up, be heard and be represented," said, Rohrbach.

"It makes me feel right, strong again," said, Biber when discussing how attending the Women's March makes her feel.

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