Straight Party Ticket Voting

Straight Party Ticket Voting

LANSING - It looks like Michigan voters will still be able to cast
straight-ticket ballots .

The federal appeals court panel issued an statement last Wednesday to deny Michigan's emergency request to enforce a new straight-ticket voting ban for the upcoming November election.

They claimed the new law is a violation of both the U.S. Constitution and Voting Rights Act.

69th District State Representative (D) Sam Singh states that the discussion about removing straight-ticket voting from the November election is in the courts.

"We have now had two decisions in a row that have said that removing straight-ticket voting could hurt access and suppress votes in the upcoming election."

"So, right now we are currently will continue to have
straight-ticket voting.

Singh says there is still one more legal hurdle.

"We understand that the Attorney General is going to continue his crusade to suppress people’s votes but we will see what happens in the next upcoming court case," he said

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