Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Returns to Michigan

Republican Presidential Candidate 
Trump Returns to Michigan

DIMONDALE - For his second visit to Michigan, Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump came in like a storm.

As 3,000 people packed the peaceful rally at the Summit Sports and Ice Complex in Dimondale, Trump's message was loud and clear and seemed to move towards a new audience.

From the start of of Trump's 45 minute speech, the black community was his clear focus as he delivered a more specific message- "What do you have to lose?"

"Americans are harmed by Hillary's policies more than African Americans," he said.

"58 % of African Americans can't find jobs, at what point do we say enough is enough."

"I will produce for the African Americans," states Trump. "All the Democrats have done is taken advantage of your vote … You have nothing to lose."

Trump also boldly stated, "At the end of 4 years, he would have more than 95% of the African American vote. "

He called his opponent Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton 'crooked' and accused her of developing policies for refugees and leaving out blacks, noting blacks have become"refugees in their own country."

Trump promised to create jobs and get wages up stating, "American workers will always come first."

"Only a change in leadership will produce a change in outcomes,"roared Trump to the squawking urbane crowd.

"Make America great again," he said. " Jobs should leave from other countries and come to our country.

In Donald's close he stated, " He will never stop fighting for you...will make America great again and proud again."

"Our future is going to be a better one," said Trump." America has nothing to lose by 'trying Trump."

Trump's visit to Michigan was postponed a few hours so he could visit flood-stricken Baton Rouge, Louisiana . The event kickoff was 5:00 p.m.

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