Local Meridian Township Candidates Seek Re-Election

Local Meridian Township Candidates Seek 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Every four years Meridian Township officials are up for re-election. Last week, 15 candidates filed to run for Township Board.

Only the Township Treasurer position is uncontested this election year. Incumbent Democratic Township Treasurer candidate Julie Brixie will skate through the primary and general election's returning to the Township Board for another four years, unless a write-in candidate runs a strong campaign against her in the general election.

The race for Township Clerk will be determined in August when Democratic Incumbent candidate Brett Dreyfus faces off against Democratic challenger Gayelord Mankowski. There are no Republican candidates this year in this race.

This August, voters will see former Township Treasurer Tom Klunzinger on the ballot. This time around, he is running unopposed in the Republican primary for Township Supervisor. He will face either Democratic Township Supervisor candidate Milton Scales or Ron Styka in the general election. Current Supervisor Betsy LeGoff is not seeking re-election. Her decision not to run for re-election guarantees new leadership for the Board, but with familiar faces.

Another current board member not seeking re-election is Township Trustee Angela Wilson. Her vacancy along with the decisions of Trustee Scales and Trustee Styka to run for Supervisor guarantees three new Trustees to take office. Who those will be is anyone’s guess. There are six Democratic candidates running during the primary election. Only four can move on to the general election. Of the six candidates, the only one who is currently serving as Trustee is Democratic Incumbent candidate John Veenstra. He faces Democratic candidates Brett DeGroff, Phil Deschaine, Dan Opsommer, Patricia Herring-Jackson and Kathy Ann Sundland in the primary. Four of these six candidates will face three Republican candidates running unopposed for Township Trustee: Brian Czubak, Debra Lee Piper and Jared S. Wilson.

Each of the candidates running for Township Board have been invited to a one-on-one "Meet the Candidate Interview" on HOMTV.

Voters will have an opportunity to get to know who the candidates are running for Township Supervisor, Township Clerk, Township Treasurer and Township Trustee.

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