Planning Commission Held Work Session to Discuss Master Plan

Planning Commission Held Work Session to 
Discuss Master Plan

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Planning Commission held a work session to help residents understand upcoming projects.

The Planning Commission was joined by members of the Township Board as well as McKenna Associates to help explain the Meridian Township Master Plan.

"The Township through the years has done an excellent job to maintain the goals," said Paul Lippens, Principal Planner for McKenna Associates.

Lippens said that one goal is to preserve and strengthen resident neighborhood.

He also listed three main ideas to help support that goal. The ideas included providing a variety of housing types in the township, ensuring code enforcement and to attract new young families to the township.

John Veenstra, Township Trustee, was curious to know why the goals stated were from 2015.

"The board has adopted goals for 2016, shouldn't you be referring to those also," said Veenstra.

"We intend to include all of the work that has been done," said Lippens. "I think that we should look at them and make sure we get that written up."

Richard Honicky, Planning Commissioner added, "I believe we should have the demographics drive our next phase. I think that my thoughts towards that are that we're getting older as a township and we need to have much more detail as to are people coming into the township that are elderly, and what are the impacts of the nursing homes."

The Planning Commission has scheduled 4-5 more work sessions throughout the summer to continue discussion on the Master Plan.

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