Zoning Amendment for Medical Marihuana Might Be Coming to Meridian Township

Zoning Amendment for Medical Marihuana 
Might Be Coming to Meridian Township


ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Medical Marihuana has come to the Board's attention more than once according to Trustee Ronald Styka.

In fact, he said it was brought up over a year ago, close to two years.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing in 2014, but due to pending bills working their way through legislation, the topic was deferred.

"I strongly agree with the Planning Commission's recommendation that it would be absolutely silly to move on an ordinance when what the state legislature decision is up in the air," said Trustee John R. Veenstra.

He continued by saying he think it would be a waste of time considering the legislature may do something that would make all our work a waste of time. He wanted to follow the "lanning Commission's recommendation.

Treasurer Julie Brixie, however, had a difference of opinion.

Brixie said she thinks the Planning Commission turned it down because it wasn't enough stringent rules. Her main concern is the same as it was before, that they have medical marihuana and its legal and they have not regulated it.

"We regulate a lot of things in the Township and just like everything else, I think it merits regulation, just like other things that we regulate," said Brixie.

After much discussion from the Board, they decided to move forward and the next steps will be doing zoning amendment introductions for medical marihuana.

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