No new debt in 2015

No new debt in 2015

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township puts out its annual report at the beginning of every year to give residents a blueprint to see what their local government accomplished the previous year.

Last year, there were many new projects done according to Township Manager Frank Walsh.

"The township made improvements to our infrastructure, roofs, sides, and buildings," said Walsh. "We replaced the parking lots at the municipal building and made improvements to parks."

"Most importantly we did not incur any new debt in 2015," said Walsh.

The Township processed and paid all invoices with 2,533 checks totaling $14.3 million from their cash account, 427 checks totaling $7.4 million from their public works account and 272 checks totaling $41.3 million through the trust and agency account.

Some of the other things that the Township accomplished in 2015 was overseeing the new Central Fire Station construction project, reorganizing the Public Works and Engineering Departments, and directing the completion of a 2015 Township Citizen Survey. Not only did they accomplish those projects, but they also assisted the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources with a coordinated effort to combat Chronic Wasting Disease among deer herd, continued the efforts to enhance economic development in the Township, and they were instrumental in the sale and development process of the old Central Fire Station and Marc property.

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