New Businesses Make Their Way to Hannah Plaza

New Businesses Make Their Way to Hannah 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - In 2015, there were over 25 businesses opened in Meridian Township including the Hannah Market. It is located in Hannah Plaza just seconds away from Michigan State University.

Hannah Market is a market geared towards serving the Asian community.

In addition to the new businesses that opened in 2015, there will also be 14 new business in 2016. Ba Shu and Royal Pot are among the businesses opening this year in Meridian Township.

Alex Rozell, resident in Okemos, said he thinks the restaurants are a great idea. He thinks they would cater mostly to international students.

"I think it will thrive for the first couple of weeks and I think a lot of students would want to try it, but after they try it, only a lot of international students would want to eat there because its going to be geared more towards them," said Rozell.

Peter Menser, Associate Planner for Meridian Township, said that the restaurants are in the process of talking to the health department and should hopefully be open by the summer.

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