O'Reilly Auto Parts Request for a Variance was denied

O'Reilly Auto Parts Request for a 
Variance was denied

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Zoning Board of Appeals had one thing on their agenda, a request for a variance allowing for a freestanding sign.

O'Reilly Auto Parts, a new business coming to Meridian Township, would like to have a 48 square foot sign in front of their business.

"We'd definitely like to have the sign if we could, We're a retail business, we're going to be here for many many years," said Steve Matthews, district manager for O'Reilly Auto Parts.

"Grand River is a pretty busy road and we don't want to mess with the mature landscape., said Matthews. "We want to do it right the first time and if we can have that bigger sign, we definitely want it."

Regional Director for O'Reilly Auto Parts said, "When I'm looking for a new business or just a retailer in general, I'm always looking for the sign."

He said that one of the reasons they want a bigger sign is for safety purposes for the customers driving up and down Grand River. He thinks that if the sign is more visible that it would be easier to locate their place of business.

Both the regional director and the district manager said that they do plan on being in the area for a foreseeable future considering the fact that their lease is 15 years.

Elizabeth LeGoff, member of the Zoning Board of Appeals and Township Supervisor, was the only member in favor of the sign.

After a lot of questions and discussion between board, the variance was denied.

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