High School Musicals--More than just the singing and dancing

High School Musicals--More than just the singing and dancing

HASLETT - Haslett High School auditorium technician Pat Hepfer has a reputation for making some of the biggest sets in the area.

Hepfer says size-wise, Haslett High School competes with Lansing Community College and Michigan State for the grandeur of their sets.

Students have been working on the set for this fall's show, Beauty and the Beast, ever day after school.

Students like Mickey Bradstreet say that opportunities like this aren't common for most high schools.

Sophomore Shannon Mccloskey conquered her self-declared hatred of heights to climb up in the set's catwalks, in order to set up the lights for the show. Mccloskey programs the lights ahead of time, so they are all set to go to the correct position on opening night.

Haslett principal Bart Wegenke says that the sets at Haslett are much due to one individual, Pat Hepfer, who puts in countless hours to create a memorable set each year, and is adored by students.

"I don't know why the kids love me," said Hepfer. "I don't know why they show up here to work as hard as they do. These kids show up, and they pour their blood sweat and tears into this place, and it really becomes theirs."

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