2011 General Elections

2011 General Elections

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On November 8th, general elections are held throughout the state. Meridian Magazine will have your local results.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - This year's election was unique in that only a portion of the township voted. There were no elections being held in Haslett, but all precincts voted in Okemos.

The voter turnout was also unique to this year's election with 20.5% percent of voters making their way to their local polling locations. Meridian Township Clerk Mary Helmbrecht says as pitiful as that number may sound, it's quite high for the general elections.

Not much to vote on this year in Okemos. Just the elections of school board members Damian Fisher and Melanie Lynn. They will each serve a four-year term. There was one competitive race for a partial term on the Okemos Public School Board between James McGillicuddy and, the winner, Vincent Lyon-Callo. Lastly, there was a successful millage increase on the ballot, as well. This will go towards a sinking fund for the repair of Okemos public school buildings.

Meanwhile, Township Clerk Mary Helmbrecht points out one very important function of the general elections constituents may not always notice...voter election workers.

"They're there from 6:00 in the morning until about 9:00 at night, which is a long day. They do a phenomenal job. And are they perfect? No. None of us are, but I just always try to extend my appreciation to them," says Helmbrecht.

Helmbrecht went on to say that after the polls close, voter election workers go through quite a strenuous process to ensure accuracy in the results. They verify that the number ballots they hand out are the same number of ballots tabulated.

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