Residents Speak Up About Redi-Ride Service

Residents Speak Up About Redi-Ride 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township held a community listening session to give the public the opportunity to give their thoughts on the Redi-Ride service in the Township.

Redi-Ride is the CATA's curb-to-curb call ahead service that was established in 2000.

It's available to Mason, Williamston, Dehi and Meridian Townships.

The program has not been reviewed since its start and riders feel the service can be improved.

"Not that it's not good what we have but when good is good and great is great why not have great you know. Why not make it as good as you can make it why don't we investigate it. Just because we had nothing somewhere doesn't mean that we have to just accept the good here," says Redi
-Ride user Donna Rose.

Users also expressed concerns about time limits of the service, call wait times, and the number of children that use the service.

The Township Board is interested in improving the system and a community group will be established that is solely dedicated to Redi-Ride.

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