Haslett Boy's Soccer Trump Lansing Eastern in Districts

Haslett Boy's Soccer Trump Lansing 
Eastern in Districts

HASLETT - Haslett recorded a 3 to 1 victory over Lansing Eastern Tuesday night during the Division 2 district opener. The win allows them to advance to semi finals, but coach didn't think they played as well as they should have.

"A win is a win," said head coach Darus Ward, "they are a much better team then they performed, the 2 back-to-back goals at the end of the game saved us, but this team usually doesn't depend on plays like that."

Torsten Holland, Harry DeHaven and Paul Fiorillo had goals for the Vikings. It was a rainy game on Tuesday and Ward knew DeHaven's goal was due to the ground being so wet.

"When the grass is wet and you skip the ball in front of the goalie, you never know what can happen. We tell the guys to shoot the ball and that it doesn't have to be a perfect shot. Sometimes that's how the ball bounces and I'm glad it was in our favor," said Ward.

Ciza Gideon had Eastern's only goal. Final score is 3 to 1 Haslett as they advance to semi finals and face Ionia.

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