Okemos Water Polo Ranked 3rd in State

Okemos Water Polo Ranked 3rd in State

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Okemos water polo team is ranked third in the state of Michigan. It's a prideful ranking and they've never, in history, been ranked this high. Last season they were ranked eighth, but this year there is a strong possibility that they could be number one.

Head coach Eric Chisholm is a senior at Michigan State, he was the assistant coach last season and this season he stepped into the head coaching spot. He may be young, but he believes the Okemos water polo team can do anything.

"They're young, we have no seniors on this team, but I'm young so we are all still learning," said Chisholm, "there's really nothing these guys can't do."

This young, but skilled, water polo team prides themselves on wins, as well as sportsmanship. How water polo works is, as long as it happens under the water and the refs can't see, then it's allowed. The Okemos team is sure to be up-standing athletes, with respect from all, no mater how the game went.

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