Daniels Drain Repairs Could Cost Millions

Daniels Drain Repairs Could Cost 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP- - It has been established that there are issues with the Daniels Drain that runs along Grand River and connects with the Walden Pond Development.

Drain issues include additional flow from the extra culvrt in the pond, water quality from run off, as well as sediments that need to be removed.

The Township Board held a special meeting with members of the community affected by the pond. They agreed that something needed to be done.

So Assistant Township Manager/Director of Public Works & Engineering Derek Perry presented the Board with potential cost at the October 6th meeting.

"The project cost that I put together are if you were to pass along the entire cost of the project to the individual parcels so in essence worst case scenario. Again we did it at 100 thousand so you could extrapolate from there, we have one at 1 million and then we also have a project cost of at 5 million,” said Perry.

Perry also wanted to stress that he doesn't know what the project cost will be, but the purpose of the meeting was to give the Board an estimate to see if the project was credible after studying the presented information.

The Board didn't have much discussion at the meeting on the topic because they felt as a whole they needed time to look over the different costs Perry presented before moving forward.

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