Delays Push Back Opening Of New Fire Station

Delays Push Back Opening Of New Fire 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP- - The new Meridian Township Central Fire Station was expected to be up and running in December, but delays have pushed its completion back about a month.

Most of the delays were due to weather conditions.

The building is just about complete with only roof, siding, door installments, insulation and the parking lot left to install, and there could possibly be money left over from the $3.5 million bond used to construct the building.

Meridian Township Engineer Raymond Severy says, "it's a three and a half million dollar total project budget we're hoping to be about 50,000 under budget so that's a pretty small about compared to, and how the townships going to handle that I don't know if we can stay under budget but that $50,000 I don't know what happens that kind of depends on the bond language and how that works."

This is not certain as construction has not been finished.

Severy says the parking lot is the next component that will worked on and is expected to be finished early November.

The Fire Department should be moved into its new location by late January as long as the weather holds up.

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