Log Jams Block Passage Along The Red Cedar River

Log Jams Block Passage Along The Red 
Cedar River

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Lansing Oar an Paddle Club came out Saturday, October 10th to clean snags and log jams along the Red Cedar River between the Harris Nature Center and Legg Park.

The fallen tress and logs block canoes and paddle boats from getting down the river.

These jams can also be a threat to the land.

Tony Coleman Lansing Oar and Paddle Club Recreational Trip Coordinator says, "It's blocking the paddlers from getting through you know you've gotta stop and get to of the boat but it can also effect the flow of the river a little bit and start causing some erosion on the side of the banks there because its diverting water sides a little bit sometimes. "

The group traveled about a mile and a half down river and cleared out more than four jams.

All of this work was done by Oar and Paddle Club volunteers. Coleman also says that the group tries to give back to the community every year to help improve things while also having fun.

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The club is always welcoming new members. To get information on how to join visits loapc.org

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