Meridian Township Closes on Sale of Former Central Fire Station and The Marc Property

Meridian Township Closes on Sale of
Former Central Fire Station and The 
Marc Property

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The former Central Fire Station and The Marc property in Downtown Okemos have officially been sold to developer Kris Elliott from Evergreen Companies.

"The Township's been through a lot since closing the Central Fire Station in February of last year. We worked together to market the property and we are very pleased with the outcome," said Township Manager Frank Walsh. "We think we are building a solid relationship with Evergreen Companies and Kris Elliott and we look forward to adding vibrancy to Downtown Okemos."

The selling price of the property was $525,000. After real estate fees and closing costs, the Township received approximately $494,000 from the sale.

At the Oct. 6 meeting, the Township Board also approved an amendment to the Buy and Sell Agreement for the sale to include a $35,000 rebate to the developer once the Central Fire Station is demolished and the fees for a residential building permit are submitted. That offer is only good until December 31, 2017. The rebate was offered due to the unanticipated costs of demolition of the fire station which includes asbestos removal.

Elliott has plans to demolish the old fire station in late October/early November, add on to The Marc building and eventually create a Tavern and Tap Restaurant on the property.

Earlier this year, the property was rezoned to commercial from residential. So there will be a residential component at the site.

"The property where the fire station currently sits would be a multiple family development, we're not sure exactly what kind of form that's going to take whether it be condos, apartments, like row housing vertically stacked...we're just not sure how that will be but it will be some kind of residential component," said Peter Menser, Meridian Township Associate Planner.

Before any construction begins, a formal plan for re-development must be submitted and a demolition permit granted by the Township.

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