The Township Takes Steps To Become A More Walkable Community

The Township Takes Steps To Become A 
More Walkable Community

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - For last 30 years, Meridian has been working to make the Township a more safe walkable community.

There are some walk ways in the township where you could be walking along and the pathway will stop. To solve this problem, sidewalk gaps are being closed to allow people to walk and bike separately from the roadways.

"We just finished a section up on Haslett Road between Okemos and Marsh Roads, but now there's a pathway that continue on the south side. We try to accomplish one project a year and that was our project for this year," said Derek Perry, Assistant Township Manager/Director of Public Works & Engineering.

There is a pathway master plan that is updated annually and it shows the pathway gaps that have been closed and those that still need to be fixed. The townships next project will be working on a retaining wall along the sidewalk of Mount Hope.

To pay for these improvements there is a dedicated millage that people pay each year that provides the township with the money necessary to construct new pathways and to help maintain the existing ones.

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