Discount Grocery Store Comes To Meridian Township

Discount Grocery Store Comes To Meridian 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The discount grocery store Aldi is coming to Meridian Township. It will be located on Marsh Road and Time Square Drive. The exterior is just about complete and work on the interior will begin within the next month.

For those that walk along Marsh Road the sidewalk has been closed in front of the property due to construction. Before the sidewalk is opened it will be repaved. There will also be a stop light at the intersection off Time Square Drive for Aldi shoppers.

Meridian Township Associate Planner, Peter Menser said, "there is a four corner intersection there and they're improving the sidewalks to each side. The state of Nichigan now require at interceptions rumble strips like on the high was if you go to far they rumble, they have a pattern and its for the visually impaired so that they can feel when they'r e on the edge of the sidewalk. So they're improving the four corners over there with the crosswalks and these textured sidewalks."

Aldi's is expected to be open for business by Thanksgiving.

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