Eagle Scouts Benefit the Community While Receiving Highest Honor

Eagle Scouts Benefit the Community While 
Receiving Highest Honor

LANSING - Every year boy scouts strive to reach the highest level of scouting. That is going from being a boy scout to an eagle scout. To do so scouts come up and complete projects that benefit the community.

"We've had some really cool things that are great amenities to the nature center now that were built by boy scouts. One really good example is our fire circle. First years ago we had a young man who built the actual fire circle and then a couple years after that another scout built the seating that goes with it so now we have this complete area where we hold our camp fire programs,” said Kit Rich Harris Nature Center Coordinator

Parks & Land Management Coordinator Jane Greenway has worked with the scouts personally.

"We welcome eagle scouts into the parks department because they really go a long way to improve the services of our parks. I'm working with three scouts. One is building benches for parks, one is building gaga ball pits which is kind of a new thing,” said Greenway.

Boy scout Jacob Conklin explains what his project is all about.

"Gaga ball is kind of a fast pace dodge ball in a sense but it takes place in an octagon. The pit is just there so you have boundaries. Other than that It would be just like playing a really weird kick ball. The general just of the game is to get everyone out, last man standing kind of thing," said Conklin.

Friendship is what brought Conklin to become a scout.

Conklin said, “Getting involved with boys scouts, a lot of it was just trying to connect with friends. A lot of it really was sticking around because our friends are in there and we have this connection."

He plans to go the extra mile to obtain an eagle badge.

“Going the extra step to try and get eagle that’s kind of this mentality of, alright I’ve come this far why stop,” said Conklin.

When Conklin gets eagle it’s another badge he can add to his collection.

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