Learn How To Protect Your Local Water Supply

Learn How To Protect Your Local Water 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Many would agree, it's important to protect Michigan's surface water and drinking water.

In the mid-Michigan area the largest source of pollution is non-point source pollution. This is water that runs off into the rivers. This has caused Michigan to have high concentrations of e-coli. There are ways that the everyday citizens can reduce water pollution.

“Avoid dumping things on the ground things like motor oil or hazardous chemicals old gasoline, transmission fluid. Those types of things can swap into our groundwater right through the ground,” said Senior Environmental Planner of the Tri-county Regional Planning Commission, Erin Campbell.

Also when washing your car it is recommended that you go to a local car wash being that those drains go to a local waste water treatment plant, and when using fertilizer be sure that its non-phosphorous.

All pet owners should always pick up their pet waste because it could impact surface water and public health.

Businesses and community leaders have also been finding ways to protect our water supply by building rain gardens.

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