Inappropriate Disposal of Tires Is A Growing Problem

Inappropriate Disposal of Tires Is A 
Growing Problem

INGHAM COUNTY - The Ingham Conservation District held their first tire recycling event this past weekend.

This was a one day event where Ingham County residents came out to get rid of their unwanted tires.

To be eligible to recycle your tires you must be an Ingham County resident. There was a seven tire limit and only household tires without the rim were accepted.

The event was put together in hopes of decreasing the amount of tires being disposed of irresponsibly.

"There can be problems. We do river clean ups usually every year and we always find tires in the river. There have been other issues of dumping in public spaces. This gives people an option to recycle with purpose and make sure they end up in the right place," said Executive Director of the Ingham Conservation District Michelle Beloskurr.

The tires will be donated to a tire recycling facility where they will be reused for different purposes.

The event was put together through grant funding from the department of environmental quality.

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