The Time to Bid for Foreclosed Properties Is Now

The Time to Bid for Foreclosed 
Properties Is Now

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - There are two foreclosed properties that will be discussed at the Township Board meeting on Tuesday, June 16th. One property is located on Lake Drive and Marsh Road while they other is off Haslett Road between Bayonne and Bois Lsle.

There is a legal process that both properties must go though, this includes an auction cycle that will begin in July. The first auction will be July 23 at the Lansing Center at 10am. Anyone can bid as long as they do not have delinquent taxes or code violations.

Eric Schertzing Ingham County Treasurer said, "On Haslett Road which is build-able that will be offered up individually and we'll sale at the auction, and then the other is a bladed that's been a eye sore in the community for a long time and I'm going to take that down because its been a public hazard."

Ever since the owner passed in 2010 the property has been in limbo so the land will most likely go to Meridian Township. The Haslett Beautification Association is going to work with the Township to turn it in to a green spot and maybe do some signage.

You can go to the Ingham County website and sign up for the action notification email list to get information on the upcoming auction and on how to bid correctly.

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