Should Some Programs Not Be Available to Homeless Veterans?

Should Some Programs Not Be Available to 
Homeless Veterans?

LANSING - The Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Re-Authorization Act of 2015 is currently in congress and was refereed to the committee of veteran affairs back in May.

If the bill is approved it will extend the current programs under veterans affairs until 2020.

It will also allow veterans that were incarcerated to participate in the veterans affairs housing program under the united states housing act of 1937.

Volunteers of America Director of Community Engagement, Darin Estep thinks there could be other components added to the bill.

"Those who are dishonorably or less honorably discharged, it could be any number of circumstances that lead to that situation but it automatically disqualifies them for a lot of programs right now. it would be nice to see something for those folks," said Estep.

Estep also mentioned that it would be nice to see more specialized programs geared toward female veterans.

The programs that will be extended if the bill is passed include job training, counseling, and resources that will increase the rate a which veterans become employed.

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