Safety improvements on Kinawa Drive Will Cost an Estimated $50,000

Safety improvements on Kinawa Drive Will 
Cost an Estimated $50,000

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Cars speeding along the winding road of Kinawa Drive has become a safety concern for Chippewa and Kinawa Middle School parents.

"We get a lot of calls and concerns about the speed the level of traffic and the amount of cars. We did have a student that was hit by a car there last year fortunately it wasn't too severe of an injury but was hurt," said Greg Frenger Lieutenant for the Meridian Township Police.

This summers Kinawa Drive safety improvement project will be the communities hope of eliminating future injuries.

"After some analysis we determined that we wanted to purchase a yield crosswalk that actually flashes and it is initiated by the pedestrian," said Okemos Public School Superintendent Dr. Catherine Ash.

Right now there are two crosswalks for the students on Kinawa Drive, but when the project is complete there will be only one crosswalk with a street light above it. All of this will be located near the entrance of Chippewa Middle School.

Completing the job won't be an easy task.

"We're going to be redoing a side walk that's been a problem as far as being under water. The other will be working with the Ingham County Road Department to install those signs and the beacon so well be meeting with them next week to get that under way, and then the third component will be the actual pedestrian light there," said Derek Perry, Assistant Township Manager/Director of Public Works for Meridian Township.

Nearly $50,000 well be needed to complete the project.

"Meridian Township is going to cover half of the cost and Okemos Public Schools is going to cover haft of the cost. So it was truly a collaborative effort," said Ash.

There are plans to have the job completed before the start of school this fall.

If you are interested in seeing what the area will look like you can go on Holt Road where there is a similar crosswalk with the same features.

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