The Community Honors Killed and Injured Bicyclists

The Community Honors Killed and Injured 

EAST LANSING - The ride of silence has been active in Lansing since 2004, and is on every third Wednesday of the year in May at 7:00 p.m.

More than 200 bicyclists came out to honor injured and killed riders at the 12th annual "ride of silence" event.

Patrick Harrington, volunteer and bicyclist became apart of ride of silence in 2005 when a friend of his daughters was killed.

"Jasmine was killed approximately 13 years ago. She was hit while trying to get home from school in an area that did not have cross walks or side walks for the kids,” said Harrington

The event focuses on the rights that bicyclists have on the public roads and to bring awareness to bicycling safety.

Four-year triathlete Gregorio Ponti participated in his first ride of silence this year.

Ponti said, "it's not uncommon to have heard stories of people getting hit or injured. I wish I had known about it sooner."

According to ride of silence coordinator Lysne Tait there were 20 deaths and 1700 injuries in Michigan in 2014 involving cyclists, one casualty that hit close to home was the death of Jill Byelich from Dewitt Michigan.

Tait said, “We live in Dewitt and so that really hit home."

Lysne Tait explains how to be safe on the roads.

“Wearing a helmet, wearing bright colored clothes, having lights on your bike a mirror is really good so you can see who’s behind you, riding with traffic,” said Tait.

Remember to share the road. It's not only bicyclist that need to be cautions, but vehicle drivers as well. They should also be aware, patient and know that bicyclist have the same rights as a car.

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