Township Vendor Ordinance May Face Small Changes

Township Vendor Ordinance May Face Small 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the April 7th Township Board meeting, the Board addressed concerns regarding the Township's vendor ordinance.

Some homeowners are concerned about what time vendors are allowed to go door-to-door making sales.

Vendors are currently permitted to go door to door selling goods until 9pm, but Township Manager Frank Walsh, along with the Police Department suggested amending the ordinance so vendors can only sell until 8pm in the summer months, and 6pm in the winter.

They hope that this change will ease the concerns of residents who were upset with the hour of night for which vendors were knocking on their door.

"Our recommendation is if you don't want to have a solicitor, vendor, door to door sales, if you don't want to have contact with them, don't answer the door," said Meridian Township Police Lieutenant Greg Frenger.

"We encourage folks to just not have any, at all, contact. It's sort of like if you're getting obscene or harassing phone calls, if you continue to answer and engage in a conversation, you're only promoting that kind of behavior," added Frenger.

Board members were concerned with how the current ordinance effects school-aged children's bed times, whether or not the potential changes would effect small business owners, and whether or not the ordinance change would effect political door-to-door campaigning.

No official vote was cast by the Township Board on whether or not to change the vending times.

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