Controlled Burn Restores Natural Habitat

Controlled Burn Restores Natural Habitat

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Ingham County Drain Commission will conduct a controlled burn in the Towar Gardens neighborhood today, April 1st between noon and 7:00pm in an attempt to restore wildlife and support local ecosystems.

The burn will help stimulate native plants to grow and kill off invasive species.

“This buffer area planted in native flowers and grasses will thrive better after the controlled burn which targets the early season invasive and non-native vegetation,” stated Ingham County Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann.

Native plants are important because they filter and cleanse the runoff before it enters the water. They also have deeper root systems that hold the soil and increase its porosity.

David Borneman, LLC was hired to conduct the burn in a slow and deliberate manner with safety equipment on hand to monitor and control its spread, as well as minimizing the amount of smoke produced.

The whole procedure should only take a few hours.

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